Monday, May 9, 2011

Growing up.

I love being a mom. I love holding my boys and watching them grow up. I love seeing them learn new things and interact with each other. I love everything about it. Becoming a mom and wife was the best thing that has ever happened to me, it has changed my life for the better and really put life into perspective. The things that I used to think were so important just aren't anymore. I love knowing that my family is eternal and that I get to be with them forever. There is nothing more important to me than Matt and the boys. Yesterday was Bridger's first day of nursery and I was having a hard time with it. When Carter went into nursery I swear it was like I had a countdown of the weeks until he was going. Church is just so hard when you have a 15 month old that wants to talk, play, and the last thing they want to do is sit still and be quite. With Bridger I was excited, I was excited for him to be able to play with kids and I was excited that I would be able to stay in Relief Society for the whole class and would really be able to pay attention. But yesterday when I was getting Bridg dressed for church I got so emotional. He is my baby and shouldn't be old enough to be in nursery. Carter in primary and Bridg in nursery was making me feel so old and made me realize I really dont have a baby anymore. It was so sad. I hate how fast kids grow up and how hard it is to remember when they were so little you hold up there old clothes and are amazed that they are so tiny. I love seeing them grow up and I love the stages that they boys are at right now. I love all the stages I just feel like they are only little for so long and I want to cherish it and I feel like they are no longer these little kids. Carter is just like a mini teenager and Bridg just wants to be just like him. I wish they would stay my little boys. I dont know why I am feeling so sad about it lately but Carter has to remind me everyday that he doesnt need my help with things cause he is growing up and Bridg just is a little man. I love my boys! This post probably makes no sense but I am just feeling like they are growing up so fast and I dont think I am ready for it.


Ashley said...

They do grow up way too fast. And sometimes it's hard to just take a step back and enjoy where they are at. It's nice when you can the way you do! You're a great mom! On that note, Happy (belated) Mother's day! Love ya! You and Matt should come up for a Vacation sometime. Wouldn't that be fun?

kara said...

So sweet. Enjoy all the moments, right? Even the crazy ones. :) Thanks for posting those cute pics. They ARE getting so big!